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Tips to Have a Greener Lawn

There’s always that house that has the perfect, green grass throughout the yard. What if that house was yours? It’s not hard to get the greenest grass, but it does take work. Knowing what to do and what to avoid can help anyone have greener grass and make sure their yard looks perfect throughout the spring and summer months. If you’re looking to make your lawn look greener, use the tips below.

Know How to Water

Grass needs a sufficient amount of water to thrive, but too much water can be a problem, as well. Then there’s making sure the lawn is watered at the right time, so it doesn’t just evaporate or cause fungal issues with the grass. An irrigation system can make it easier to water the right amount, and newer irrigation controls make it easy to skip the water if it has rained enough in the last day or two. It’s usually better to water first thing in the morning, as the water has a chance to soak in. Later in the day, the water may evaporate before it has a chance to soak in.

Mow in the Evenings

In the morning hours, it’s a lot cooler, so many people take advantage of this to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, the grass may still be wet from water it or the morning dew, so it’s going to be harder to cut. Instead, it’s likely a better idea to mow later in the evening. Mow just before sunset, so it’s a little bit cooler, and the grass is dry, so it won’t be as hard to cut. Plus, this can help the mower remain in good shape longer, as it’s not getting wet and won’t start to rust.

Mow at the Right Height

Too many people mow on the lowest setting so they can mow less frequently. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of damage. Too much of the grass is cut at once, damaging its health. On top of that, when the grass is too short, the sun can reach the soil, drying it out faster, which can cause the grass to die. Instead, it’s better to cut the grass a little higher and a little more frequently, so the ground is covered and the grass is healthier. In general, aim for the grass to be between three and four inches high, though this can vary depending on the type of grass.

Leave the Grass Clippings

If the grass is too tall, it may be necessary to bag the clippings, as they won’t break down as fast. There’s simply too much at once to break down effectively. If the grass is being mowed regularly and only a little bit is being cut at a time, it’s better to leave the clippings in the grass. The clippings will break down quickly and, as they do, they’ll add more nutrients into the soil that will help the grass grow. This will lead to thicker, greener grass over time.

Aerate Compacted Soil

If the soil is compacted, the roots of the grass can’t grow deeply and the grass may end up dying. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to aerate the compacted soil. This can be done once per year or as needed to help the grass grow. In areas where cars park, children or pets play frequently, or there are other heavy items regularly on the grass, the soil can get compacted frequently, so it may need to be aerated more often. De-thatching may also be needed if the thatch above the soil has gotten too thick, though that may only need to be done once every few years.

Fertilize Properly

Fertilizers can help keep weeds at bay and make sure the grass is able to thrive, but it does need to be done right. If fertilizer is used too frequently, it can cause nitrogen burn, and the grass may not recover from it. Instead, fertilize according to the directions on the package and only do it once or twice per year. Fertilization is typically done in the spring or fall months for the biggest impact. Make sure that high-quality fertilizer is used for the best results and pick one that will work with the type of grass in the yard.

Knowing how to care for grass makes it a lot easier for you to have the greenest grass in the yard. If you’re in Fredericksburg, Virginia, you may want to get help from Garcia Landscaping’s Lawn Service to make sure your yard looks spectacular throughout the year. No matter if you’re going to do it yourself or you’d like professional help, using the tips above will help you ensure the grass looks great and you have a yard you can be proud of all year long.


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