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Best Fall Landscaping Ideas for 2022

Summer is about over. The leaves are green, a wide variety of flowers are in full bloom, and homeowners and their families across the country are making the most of the season by spending time appreciating nature and the great outdoors.

At this point, some people may be feeling tempted to stop putting in the work to keep their yards and landscapes looking their best. After all, the hard work of spring has paid off and now, most landscapers are more focused on maintaining current lawns and plantings than they are on making plans for the future.

Instead of resting on their laurels, smart homeowners are planning for the future. It may not feel like it right now, but fall is right around the corner, and summer is the perfect time to start thinking about what you'd like.

Showcase Fall Foliage

Summer may have plenty to offer in the way of verdant greenery and colorful flowers, but it has nothing on autumn when it comes to unique fall foliage. Adding ornamental trees known for their showy displays of fall foliage can create some extra visual appeal just when the season for flowers is starting to wind down.

Embrace the Fall Harvest

Homeowners don’t need to be avid vegetable gardeners to embrace the spirit of the traditional fall harvest days ahead. All it takes is a few pumpkin plants to get started. Plant them in raised beds, or even in pots near the front door. It’s not too late to order vegetable starts that will be ready to thrive come Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Create a Spot to Relax and Enjoy the View

Fall is a great time to relax outdoors. The daytime temperatures are still warm enough to be enjoyable with a light sweater, and as soon as the first frost hits, there will be no more bugs to worry about. Try creating a spot to relax and enjoy the view of the fall foliage by adding a well-placed bench, patio set, or even a fire pit.

Plant Some Fall-Blooming Flowers

Although spring and summer tend to grab most of the attention when it comes to annual and perennial flowers, there are plenty of varieties that bloom in the fall. By late summer, plants like chrysanthemums, cone-flowers, and black-eyed Susan’s are easy to come by and they should already be in flower. Choose a mix of eye-popping annuals and sturdy perennials that will keep coming back year after year.

Try Out Some Ornamental Edibles

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that plants are either edible, or ornamental, but not both. Thankfully, that’s not the case. A skilled landscaper can incorporate ornamental annual veggies like cabbages and cauliflower, herbs such as flowering fennel, and gorgeous perennial tree crops like persimmons, flowering currants, or rugosa roses into the mix with ease.

Add Some Movement

Most people think of grasses as being appropriate only for well-manicured lawns. However, many tall ornamental grass varieties work well planted and grown to maturity near walls, along fences, or around entryways. Species with upright stalks like feather reed grass, fountain grass, or maiden grass will sway gently in the breeze, adding some extra motion to an otherwise static landscape.

Hire a Professional

Don’t have time to spend hours selecting plants and digging them in? There’s nothing wrong with hiring a landscaper who can help. The experts at Garcia Landscaping provide both summer lawn and landscape maintenance services and fall planting assistance. Homeowners who work with Garcia Landscaping are welcome and encouraged to share their design ideas and inspiration to ensure that the final results meet and exceed their expectations, not just this fall, but throughout all four seasons.

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